Introduction: The learning environment has many constructs involved and there is not a single ideal instrument that measures all of them. In Colombia, there are few publications on measuring the learning environment in clinical settings, most of them have only quantitative measurements.
Objective: To characterize the learning environment of the students of the internal medicine course of ICESI University.
Material and methods: Mixed study (quantitative and qualitative), which is based on the classroom research method, where the first step is to diagnose the current learning environment.
Results: 58 students participated in the study. The DREEM overall score was of 125/200. The average of teacher’s evaluation was 6.38/7. The percentage of students who passed the final written evaluation was 96.7%. We also describe favorable and unfavorable findings in objectives, methodology, didactics, learning resources, evaluation and interaction of educational actors.
Discussion: The results allow us to say that although in general the students perceive a more positive than negative view by DREEM questionnaire, we found in the other results multiple points that can be improved. Curricular changes and comprehensive teacher training plans are necessary to meditate before, during and after their teaching practice, in order to promote educational innovation in the classroom.


I’m Nathalia Salazar Falla, physician from Cali, Colombia and where also I currently live. I started my medical studies on 2007, at Libre University in my city. Since my undergraduate training I had an important interest about adult’s pathologies, research and epidemiology and because of that, I decided to participate in this area, specially in case reports.
I finished the Medical School on 2013, being recognized as a honor student. After that, I started my rural year (a volunteer medical activity during 12 months in a vulnerable zone of my country) where I could apply my skills as a physician. When it finished, I started working as a general physician for 2 years more and at the time, I did university teaching and investigation methodology graduates.
On 2016, I decided to begin my postgraduate studies in Internal Medicine at Icesi University in Cali, Colombia until 2019. Right now, I work as an internist for Fundación Valle del Lili in Cali, one of the most prestigious health centers in the country. Also, I work as a teacher of Internal Medicine course for the Icesi University school of medicine, institution where I’m also currently doing a Master of Education and my investigation area is medical teaching.