Objectives: Confirm existence of COVID-19 outbreak, conduct contact tracing, and recommend
control measures.
Methods: Two COVID-19 cases in Sana’a Capital were met the WHO case definition. Data were
collected from cases and contacts who were followed for 14 days. Nasopharyngeal swabs were
taken for confirmation by Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR).
Results: Two confirmed Yemeni male patients aged 20 and 40 years who had no travel history
were admitted to hospital on 24 April 2020. Regarding the first patient, symptoms started on
April 18th, 2020 then improved and discharged on May 5th while the second patient’s symptoms
started on April 22nd but died on April 29th, 2020. Both patients had 54 contacts, 17 (32%) were
health workers (HWs). Four contacts (7%) were confirmed, two of them were HWs that needed
hospitalization. The secondary attack rate (sAR) was 12% among HWs compared to 5% among
other contacts.
Conclusions: First COVID-19 outbreak was confirmed among Yemeni citizens with high sAR
among HWs. Strict infection control among HWs should be ensured. Physical distancing, maskwearing with appropriate disinfecting measures should be promoted especially among contacts.
There is a need to strengthen national capacities to assess, detect, and respond to public health
Keywords: COVID-19; Contact Tracing; Health Workers; Outbreak; Yemen.
Dr. Ehab Fatehi Ahmed Al-Sakkaf, 31 years old, General Physician and Epidemiologist, at Field
Epidemiology Training Program at Ministry of Public Health and Population, Sana’a Yemen.
MBBS and Advance FETP Graduate. Public health and Epidemiology professional with experience and
skills in Applied Epidemiology, health Management, and field supervision and coordination, and training.
Strong expertise in writing of proposal, report and research, and data analytics and statistics. Fluency in
Arabic and very good in English Languages.