Nursing diagnoses constitute an essential step to the nursing process and a challenging goal in embedding them into clinical practice. Our aim was to explore registered nurses’ perceptions towards the implementation of nursing diagnoses in perioperative care and the factors affecting their applicability. Thus, a qualitative study with open-ended questions was carried out between February and April 2020. The study convenient sample consisted of 35 registered nurses working in the operating room and surgical clinics of a university hospital in Greece. Data were analyzed using qualitative content analysis with an inductive approach.
Three themes emerged from this analysis justifying participants’ agreement with the implementation of nursing diagnoses: ‘quality of the perioperative nursing care’, ‘interdisciplinary collaboration and communication’ and ‘ethical issues’. In addition, facilitating and hindering factors for their implementation in clinical practice were identified. Three themes emerged functioning as facilitators: ‘role of the nurse and nursing care organization’, ‘role of the patient’ and ‘interdisciplinary collaboration’. The themes which were identified as hindering factors were: ‘work organization’, ‘patient needs’ and ‘necessary requirements’. Registered nurses in Greece expressed positive perceptions towards the implementation of nursing diagnoses in perioperative care, highlighting their importance and utilization in the care process. These results can be used to develop strategies to promote nursing diagnosing in perioperative nursing and can be used for further research.

I’m Vasiliki Tsiami, registered nurse from Athens, Greece and where also I currently live. I started my nursing studies on 2012, at University of Peloponnese in Sparta.
I finished the Nursing School on 2016. On 2017, I decided to begin my postgraduate studies in Health Care Administration and Crisis Management at University of Peloponnese, Greece until 2020. The last three years I work as a registered nurse in D’ University Surgical Clinic at Attikon University Hospital in Athens, one of the most prestigious health centers in the country. My occupation with perioperative nursing care was a stimulus for further and deeper research in care process, the quality and the barriers appeared in order to be fulfilled by the perioperative nurses.